Master readme for the NLP4DH tool

New version available!

If you came to the session, you should have received an email alerting you that there’s a new version available (and asking for info so we can pay you.)

We made a separate page with some notes on what we’d like you to do in this second round (though if you get confused, you may want to scroll down and refresh your memory by poking around the old instructions too.) Thanks! Any questions, as usual, email vilja dot hulden at colorado dot edu.

Notes from the user testing session

Thanks for coming to the session! Stay tuned for an email on what I need from you so you can get paid.

In the meantime, you can get the slides from the meeting,  – and you can pull the faster version of the tool by running

docker pull annebeth/nlp4dhwebapp:latest

You may also need to change a line in your docker-compose.yml file (in the app folder). It should have a line that says image: annebeth/nlp4dhwebapp:latest – if the line says image: [something else] you should change it.

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 9.46.23 PM

(Here is a list of tasks we’ll work on at the session and instructions on how to report errors and suggestions – we’ll discuss this at the session.)

Thanks for agreeing to be a tester of the NLP4DH tool! (If you got the email inviting you to this page but you are no longer interested or are not able to make the meeting, no worries at all; we thank you for your initial interest, and maybe next time!)

As you know, we are meeting on Monday April 15, 1–2:30pm. We’ll be meeting in Norlin Library, E113.

The room E113 is on the basement floor, behind the Laughing Goat coffee shop. If you were to stand in line at Laughing Goat to get your coffee, E113 would be directly behind you.

We hope everyone can have the system up and running before the session!

NLP4DH uses Docker and Chrome. If you don’t have Chrome, you can get it here.

The most challenging step in the installation is probably installing Docker. Please try to do this as soon as possible so we can help you if you run into problems. For installing Docker and setting up the NLP4DH system, we have created separate sets of instructions for different platforms (installing Docker is Step 1 of the instructions):

Setting up NLP4DH – Mac users

Setting up NLP4DH – Windows 10 Pro users

Setting up NLP4DH – Other Windows users

(Linux users, we are assuming you know what you are doing and can adapt the Mac instructions as appropriate.)

To continue to Step 2 of the instructions (to install & run the tool), you will have to download a zip file that has the tool and a folder of sample data (the text of Pride and Prejudice, divided into chapters). The zip file also contains two other corpora: one is the Wizard of Oz and the other is a sample set of government documents related to U.S. foreign policy regarding Vietnam during the Vietnam war. There are also two PDFs that describe Pride and Prejudice and the FRUS document set; for the Wizard of Oz, see the Wikipedia page. (The descriptions of the documents aim to help you understand what’s in the documents so you can formulate your queries accordingly.)

The instructions also explain how to get the tool up and running.

Things can get a bit hairy with the installation, depending on your platform.  Therefore, we highly recommend that you try to install as early as you possibly can. Annebeth has kindly agreed to hold “office hours” Friday April 12 and Monday April 15 before our session to help with installation problems. Book an appointment here if you find yourself in trouble. Appointments will be in Hellems 373.**

(We also have installed the tool on a few laptops in E113, so if things are impossible, you’ll still probably have a laptop to follow along with at the Monday session.)

Once you have everything up and running, you can try out the tool using the explanations and instructions here. We don’t expect you to do that before the session necessarily, though if you have time and are adventurous, we’d appreciate it.

If you’re not familiar with semantic role labeling etc., you may want to take a look at the explanation of NLP in the original call for testers.

**How to find Hellems 373: Hellems is the building directly west of the fountains on the UMC mall. Enter Hellems from the doors closest to the Chemistry building (NE corner). Go up the stairs all the way; 373 is on top of the stairs right before the double doors. (If you enter from the opposite side of the building, don’t be fooled by the double doors, there is one more office after them!)

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