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Thanks for doing this! It’s a big help.

This page contains instructions for reporting errors and making suggestions.

Error report

To make sure that the feedback we get from you is as useful as possible, please follow these instructions and use this template to report errors. Make a copy of the template onto your own Google Drive (or download as a Word document). Every time you run into an error, make a fresh copy and fill it out.

As you use the tool, please proceed slowly enough to remember what you did just before an error occurred. It may be helpful to take a screenshot every time you do a search (you can always delete them later) or keep a log of the search terms and checkbox combinations you try. The latter might look something like this:

Elizabeth, Jane           arg1, arg0

Elizabeth, Jane           nsubj, dobj

Or just be mindful of what you are doing so you’ll know what you did before the error occurred.

When you do run into an error, 1) take a screen shot of the error screen (links to instructions on how to take a screen shot at the bottom of this page.) Then 2) hit the browser’s back button and also take a screen shot of what you were doing. Finally, 3) open a fresh error report template and fill it out, including the screen shots and a brief description of what you were doing.

When you run into a result that seems like it has to be “wrong” somehow, follow the same procedure, but also fill out the section of the error report template that asks why it is that you think this behavior is wrong.

When you’ve done all that, save the document. AT THE BEGINNING OF THE DOCUMENT NAME, add your name and a number indicating what number this error report is – i.e., if you’ve already submitted 3, this is number 4.  So the document title will look like this: Vilja Hulden 4 Error report template. This helps ensure that you don’t accidentally overwrite other people’s reports or your own older ones.

Then upload your error report to the NLP-ErrorReports Google Drive. (If you do not have access, email vilja dot hulden AT colorado dot edu). Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 4.50.12 PM

Note: There may of course be duplication in errors, but we would still like you to report every error you encounter, because that will help us catch all circumstances that produce the error. Please check back on the Master Readme page every now and then to see if we have pushed a new version that perhaps has resolved errors you are encountering.


Making suggestions

What would make the tool better? What would need to be explained better in the instructions? What analyses do you want to do that you can’t now do? How could we display things better?

If your suggestion is short, you could just add a description in the general suggestion document (please be careful not to delete other people’s suggestions!). Mark off your suggestion clearly so it doesn’t get confused with what other people are writing. Preface it with your name so we know who to thank – and who to bug for clarification if we don’t understand your suggestion! You can also add comments to support requests / suggestions from others.

If your suggestion is more complicated, write up a document with clarifying screen shots and descriptions. Name your document YourName-Suggestion-Number (where number is a running number showing how many suggestion documents you have already submitted.) Then upload it to the NLP-Suggestions Google Drive. (If you do not have access, email vilja dot hulden AT colorado dot edu). 

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 5.36.31 PM

How to take a screen shot

Instructions for Windows:

Instructions for Mac:

(The same site also has instructions for other platforms.)

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